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Public Misconceptions


I’m an Uppy-Downy, Moody-Swingy kind of guy.

One would think that an eloquent chap as Stephen Fry and his openness about his battle with bipoar disorder would help sway the public’s perception of sufferers. My days at Fulbourn and the Priory has meant that I’ve met people from all walks of life trying to survive just another day. They are our doctors, barristers, entertainers, friends, lovers, family and neighbours.

Except , however, the reality is far from my hopes. The two things I’ve learnt over the last few years is that people hate complex problems with even more complex solutions, lex parsimoniae in full effect; and that MEDCs are no further from LEDCs when it comes to the public’s approach to mental illness.

Take this incident for instance. A few drunk days ago, rather stupidly / foolhardy(ly?) I decided to go riding at my polo club. Bad idea! No sooner was I on Starship when I suddenly tumbled off her mid-canter. I’m was then taken to the club A+E room and spent the next 6hrs trying to convince the Dr. not to section me. Some blithering, loud-mouthed, idiot let loose that I was suicidal. Now everyone is convinced I tried to kill myself by jumping off my pony. But I then over-heard someone say I was doing this for ‘attention.’ ARGH!

Anyway, I’ll get back to watching Porco Rosso. And something completely random. Having spent many years between Nice and Menton, I still believe that the Adriatic is better than the Med. Now for some great lines from Porco Rosso:-

‘If you make money from war you’re scum, but if you can’t make money from bounty hunting you’re an idiot.’


‘Heavenly Father, we give You thanks for putting bread on our table and for giving us work when we were on the brink of bankruptcy and (*quickly*) please forgive us for building a fighter plane with the hands of women.’


‘Thanks for the offer but I’d rather be a pig than a fascist.’

Haha, an anti-fascist pig! Awesome!


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