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South Park ‘Let Go, Let Gov’ – NSA Monologue


If Mark Twain is a wanker and wankers are hacks, then the rest goes without saying, really.

Excellent satire from Trey Parker & Matt Stone. A welcome return to form by having an NSA Chief use transitive property / relation to spit out pro-spying rhetoric. Here we go:-

South Park - Let Go, Let Gov: NSA Monologue

South Park – Let Go, Let Gov: NSA Monologue

“Yeah, we’ve heard of [the Constitution]. We’ve also heard of the Declaration of Independence. See, there’s a lot of people out there who think like you. People who think that think their government doesn’t have the right to go around poking their noses in the emails of its citizens.

That is until a plane flies into a couple of towers and a little girl loses her life. You wanna live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but the brave can’t be free if the land isn’t home and that land won’t be home so long as folks out there want to take that American flag and shove it so far up your anus that you crap stars and stripes for a week; and as you’re sitting there on the toilet with the Star-Spangled of Moctezuma’s revenge there’s one thing I can guarantee, (beat) you won’t care who’s checking your Twitter account then.”



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