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The OAR Needs YOU!


AILN presents the ‘Obscure Anime Reference Orchestra’ performing at How Original! A Concert! with The Slytones + The Finkel Brothers

Founded in 1973 by the late Héloise d’Albert, Marquise de Dunois and Lady Agustina Gutiérrez, the Académie Internationale de Luynes et Nicolay (AILN) aimed to provide talented musicians with the support and structure required to freely pursue their careers. Forty years later AILN continues in its efforts to aid not only musicians, but those in the visual, literary and performing arts – growing from its humble origins in Luynes to an international community.

In November 2013 conductor Anthony d’Albert (Tokyo University of the Arts, Conservatoire de Paris) and composer David Roche (Oxford, Cambridge), founded the Obscure Anime Reference (OAR) Orchestra (officially: Orchestra de Luynes á Cambridge) – via periphery support from AILN – with the aim of providing lively, engaging and thoughtful performances of music featured in both animation and video-games; as well as new works by talented and young composers.

OAR is now looking for talented performers to take part in its first concert this coming spring. This is an opportunity to take that theme, song, or piece – which reminds you so much of your childhood; or favourite anime; or those hours spent with your controller – and share it with others, or just have fun performing it.

If you’re interested please contact Anthony d’Albert ( and David Roche ( with your current musical grades / repertoire, repertoire and a short paragraph telling us about your most favoured work of animation or video-game music.

How Original! A Concert! – The OAR Spring ’14 Concert

The first OAR concert will be held in May 2014 on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge. All orchestral arrangements were completed by Anthony d’Albert, David Roche, Alexander Stubbs and Jean Cechard. Following is a list of the pieces to be performed:-

First Half

Prelude (Final Fantasy, Nobuo Uematsu)

Space Lion (Cowboy Bebop, Yoko Kanno)

Winter Road (Metal Gear Solid, Georgy Sviridov)

Bratja (Full Metal Alchemist, Michiru Oshima)

Reincarnation (Ghost in the Shell, Kenji Kawai)


Piano Medley (Cowboy Bebop, Yoko Kanno)

EM02#070720 (Evangelion 1.11: Jo, Shiro Sagisu)

All These 12,000 Years I’ve Been Loving You (Genesis of Aquarion, Yoko Kanno)

Quatre Mains (Evangelion 3.33: Q, Shiro Sagisu)

Kefka (Final Fantasy VI: Piano Collections, Nobuo Uematsu)

Second Half

A Morning of the Slag Ravine (Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Joe Hisaishi)

Ground Theme (Super Mario Brothers, Koji Kondo)

Overworld Theme (Zelda: A Link to the Past, Koji Kondo)

Super Mario Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy, Mahito Yokata & Koji Kondo)

Itsumo Nando Demo (Spirited Away, Joe Hisaishi)


Those Chosen by the Planet (Final Fantasy VII, Nobuo Uematsu)

One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII, Nobuo Uematsu)

Wind Waker Medley (Zelda: The Wind Waker, Toru Minegishi & Koji Kondo)


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